Push mail service 31/07/2010 From 01/08/2010, VTC launch the Push mail service - a service use pushing to send/receive email via mobile phone.

 I.      Service definiton

1.            Definition

Pushmail is a service that push to send/receive email via mobile phone.

2.            Basic features

ü  Receive and send email via client by push email.

ü  Can review almost basic attached file (gif, bmp, doc …)

ü  Receive attached file with maximum to 500KB, send email (with attached file) maximum to 200KB

ü  Support many email: Yahoo, Hotmail; Gmail, local ISP.v.v;

ü  Support almost mail server have POP3/IMAP.

ü  Have alert when receive an new email.

3.            Price

ü  Monthly fee : 0.8$/month.

ü  Data fee (GPRS/3G).

4.            How can use

ü  The Metfone postpaid and prepaid subscriber are activing 2-way.

ü  Use successfully Mobile Data (GPRS/3G) of Metfone.

ü  Subscriber phone in the Pushmail supported list (as belows).
 II.      How to register
      1. Register
step 1 : type On then then send to 132.
The system send back a guide message and a link to active and

download Client.

Step 2 : Click on the link to active and download Client to phone.

Step 3 : Install client.

In case don't receive any link, may be the phone don't support WAP Push. User need type LK then send to 132 to receive text lin for download Client.

               2. Stop service : Type OFF and send to 132.

               3. Change new password: Type PW and send to 132.

Set new password, tye PW New password send to 132 (New password : subscriber set characters number or letters, long string from 5-14 characters).

               4.Download new client: Type DW then send to 132.

               5. For more information: type HELP then send to 132.

III. How to use

      1. Login

- Open the client has installed (is usually in Application, Game, My own in Nowkia series, or Entertainment in Sony Ericsson series...).

- Login the account on client. Account is the phone number include 10 character from 09xxxxxxxx or 088xxxxxxx. Password is send from system or customer set by type PW" password " and send to 132.

         2. Setup email address

- Open Pushmail Client, choose settings/Detail, Add email. Fill in email address, password of email, then choose Options/ chose Save.

      In Case mail server is IMAP or POP3, customer need ask admin of mail server for all parameters.

         3. Compose email

- Choose Compose, type email address of receiver (TO), choose email sender (From)(default is user_number@pushmail.com.kh, and can change the email default in Settings/choose Detail), then type Subject and Body of email. Go to Options, choose Send to send email.

         4. Mailbox